Future of Crypto Is Brighter Than Ever, Says Bitcoin.com’s Ver

Dec.04 — Roger Ver, chief executive officer at Bitcoin.com, discusses if we’ve reached a floor on the recent selloff in bitcoin, his outlook for cryptocurrencies, regulation of the industry, Bitcoin cash and mainstream adoption. He speaks exclusively on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe.”


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45 Thoughts to “Future of Crypto Is Brighter Than Ever, Says Bitcoin.com’s Ver”

  1. litecoin , from 300 to 25 today

    this guy is a con man


  3. They would interview master splinter.

  4. HAHAHAHAAA Tell this headline to someone who bought bitcon for 19K earlier this year.

  5. He’s the “Baghdad Bob” of Crypto Currency. 😂🤣😂🤣

  6. "Fundamentals" – this is none

  7. Lol bitcoin shit version surpassed rogervers btrash on coinmarketcap.

  8. Why would I use Crypto at 3 k if I can do it for 1 USD? I forgot the scoop was there are only so many of them, well I can get USD at 1 usd

  9. Please stop buying into this scam, 1 bitcoin should = 1 usd, It's a currency, give it a multiple of 2 for doing dirty work means the value is 2 usd

  10. Wow he sure seems positive considering BCH is massively down so much.

  11. “I’m a fundamentals investor” oh you mean like price to earnings? Numbnuts, crapto has no earnings….

  12. Hey hey hey……..hey hey hey……..

  13. Fundamentals? What fundamental? Based more on BS. You are no Warren Buffett.

  14. i do like Rodger despite the internal war…. every one is doing what they think best right or wrong. i hope he comes back to btc

  15. He is the reason for the last crash. What a douche bag.

  16. Roger ver fucking biggest ass hole ever he is a mother fucker should be in fucking jail

  17. Interviewer is a douche.

    Say something positive you hack media fuck.

  18. CiP

    Is the reporter the brother of Craig fucking Wright ?
    I see a scam everywhere i look, is just crazy…

  19. Do the opposit of what Ver says and you will be rich.

  20. Bitcoin has a brighter future. Roger's scam coin Bcash not so much. Google 'Roger Ver crimes…'

  21. Forget coins, invest in projects, like bankera, storiqa, cardano, B2bx, steem, nem, ETH…

  22. Paying for taxes using btc? Wtf? Are you mind? Not only goverment will know who should be checked deeper as crypto fan but Paying taxes is something against the crypto idea which is DO NOT PAY TAX AT ALL!!!

  23. Why would anyone use any of these as a currency ? Keep dreaming

  24. We from Bitcoin . com advice Bitcoin. Sure

  25. roger ver enjoys licking testicles

  26. what is it going to take for these delusional bitcoin junkies to finally put the crack pipe down and accept the reality of the situation?

  27. Roger … Back to btc … don’t be Judas anymore

  28. The librarian told me too

    Read more

  29. I don't trust Roger ver….he is creating all coin name start with bitcoin and says this is real bitcoin…like bcash now sv bitcoin.. etc…it's like a joke and his partner, owner of bitmain company neither good… they simply fork it and made new coin out of thin air… only buying bitcoin..

  30. Was a fan of Roger Ver but now think he is a dick and a scam artist. BSV will do better in the long run due to chain tech.

  31. Motherfucker is the reason for crash too! SHOVE BCASH IN UR ASS

  32. Calm down Guys. Enough of the verbal attacks on Roger Ver. I will rather put up with Roger than those crooks on Wall Street who have purposefully manipulated and crashed the entire Crypto market this year, just because they want to supposedly, get in. #AllWallStreetScumMustHang #FuckJamieDimon

  33. Bitcoin cash will make you ritch!!

  34. That's exactly what I want in my savings account. Total uncertainty. It could go up, down, sideways, or collapse entirely. What's life without a little risk?

  35. he is talking so fast with his moneymouth

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