Will Bitcoin Rebound in 2019? The Bull vs. Bear Case

The Great Crypto Debate: Part II
One year after Bitcoin hit nearly $20,000, what can we expect from crypto in 2019?

Caroline Hyde (Bloomberg News)
Joe Weisenthal (Bloomberg News)
Michael McKee (Bloomberg News)
Mike McGlone (Bloomberg Intelligence)
Ryan Selkis (Co-Founder and CEO, Messari)


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49 Thoughts to “Will Bitcoin Rebound in 2019? The Bull vs. Bear Case”

  1. XRP is the elephant in the room here. This video is a great general overview of the market entering into 2019 but the fact that the panel discuss everything apart from XRP only points to one fact. XRP is bound by NDA's and therefore in the right position to dethrone BTC as number one. Watch this space.

  2. - -

    Huge year for TRON and BAT.

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  4. Trend is your friend. Right now we have same bottom as it was the bottom in 2015. $250 hit $20000 in 2017. Seriously, you should buy BTC right now. There will be maybe 3-4 opportunities this year to buy bitcoin cheap. And I recommend you to use Linkkoin cryptocurrency exchange, as they have BTC giveaway to new users right now

  5. Mathematical Proof That the Lightning Network Cannot Be a Decentralized Bitcoin Scaling Solution
    Have you heard of the Bitcoin Lightning Network? It is a proposal that claims that:
    “using a network of these micropayment channels, Bitcoin can scale to billions of transactions per day”
    What it doesn’t tell you is that this can only be accomplished by using large, centralized “banking” hubs.

  6. bitcoin does have a 21-million-coin cap, but this is only limited by protocols. Admittedly, getting consensus on bitcoin's network to increase the coin limit would be very difficult — but the point is that it's not impossible. Computer coders with the backing of the bitcoin community could do just that and create more bitcoin.
    To add to this point, even without increasing the coin limit above 21 million, bitcoin's numerous hard forks essentially violate the idea of a token limit and scarcity. Bitcoin has had three instances since August where a disagreement between developers on the future path of bitcoin and its blockchain resulted in the creation of a new currency. These spinoffs of sorts — Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, and Bitcoin Private — topple the idea of true scarcity, as new coins have been, or could continue to be, created from bitcoin.

  7. How could an asset be down 75%-80% if it wasn’t fundamentally broken and that just like silly.
    crypto-assets are, the price movements are logarithmic meaning you get these 10 x advances. You get these 80% collapses interest, it’s just a hyper volatile asset that’s not unique to crypto, you see the same in  any kind of hyperbolic speculative asset.
    The fundamental difference between cryptocurrencies and equities is that there is no liquidation value in crypto, this is kind of bad. As Bitcoin falls lower in price, it is less valuable, adding that there would be less liquidity, less useful as a medium of exchange and as a store of value.
    This would also lead to less security and hashpower would be tied to the price. The hash power falls gradually along with the price which would mean it is less secure network and valuable.
    Elongating block times, greater risk of 51% attack, and potentially a death spiral, exaggerated risk that is very unlikely to cause the death of Bitcoin. Nonetheless, it could definitely result in 40 minute block times and rise in the transaction fees, which is fundamentally a less valuable network.
    BTC you are in serious troubles. HUGE troubles

  8. Bitcoin Has Become a Centralised Currency
    When Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, it was a nothing less than a revolution, creating a truly decentralised, community-powered, cryptocurrency. The power of Bitcoin was the fact that it was decentralised and not one centralised stakeholder could control the network. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Today, 70% of the Bitcoin’s collective hash rate, i.e. the mining power, is controlled by Chinese Mining Pools (which are groups of cooperating miners who agree to share block rewards in proportion to their contributed mining hash power). In addition, the four biggest mining pools control over 50% of the network’s collective hash rate.
    This centralisation of mining is a logical consequence of how the protocol was developed, as it rewards economies of scale. As a result, Bitcoin is no longer the decentralised network that it was supposed to be when it was developed. This does not have to be a problem, as long as the mining pools can be trusted and have an incentive to do the right thing. However, since most of these mining pools are in China, this could quickly change if the Chinese government decides, for whatever reason, to intervene and take over the Chinese mining pools. This centralisation of Bitcoin poses a real threat to the future of the cryptocurrency.

  9. Four seemingly insurmountable challenges of Bitcoin:
    1. High transactions costs, preventing small-scale transactions or even micro/nano transactions required for the Internet of Things;
    2. Low number of transactions per second, which prevents it from being used in everyday life;
    3. A centralised cryptocurrency that can be controlled by a few mining pools, if they wanted to;
    4. An unsustainable energy consumption, even if all miners would switch to clean energy.
    Bitcoin does not have a future and will ultimately fail. It will become the Myspace of cryptocurrencies

  10. The longer Bitcoin exists, the more difficult it becomes to “mine,” or create new coins. Without the miners, the Bitcoin network collapses. The cost of getting started as a new miner is so far out of reach for the average person that the main miners are gigantic warehouses in China. In most countries, the cost of electricity to run these computers is actually more than what the digital currency is worth, which makes it pointless to even try.The longer Bitcoin exists, the longer it takes for these computer systems to process the information.
    the official time for a Bitcoin transfer is “one hour,” but anyone who uses Bitcoin on a regular basis knows that is far from the truth. Transactions can take up to six hours at busy times of the day, because it averages 15 transactions per second. There is no guarantee that it will ever improve. In fact, it is likely to keep getting worse.[6]In contrast, Ripple’s coin XRP settles 1,500 transactions every second, and they have the technology and infrastructure to make sure that they’ll never slow down. In the digital age, where people want things to happen within a split second, it is simply not realistic to think that as the world slowly begins to understand and use blockchain in their everyday lives, they will choose the slower option, Bitcoin, over currencies that are faster.

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  13. If you are not sure just go LTC ETH BTC and you are fine……..

  14. fuck bitcoin. get moneros dip. thank me later.

  15. haha stablecoin! that's a joke

  16. B U Y H I G H S E L L L O W

  17. Why buy this junk in a bear market you guys are out of your minds? All you do is create liquidity for bigger account s to dump on you.its so obvious

  18. I started buying bitcoin at $70ish back in 2013..

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  21. bitcoin will be $5000 this year or more 2019 is a great year for the investors believe me and keep my world here

  22. Make the right choice in crypto… buy Dogecoin 😉

  23. Unspoken body language tell analysis:

    Mike McLoan (Really?! Is that seriously his name?! Did he have it changed?!): [the look of a shark eyeing its prey – 'easy pickings…']
    Ryan Selkis: [ok, no pressure, just gotta hold my position when under fire for the next 20 minutes…]

    – Ryan Selkis smiles knowingly: ["ah yes, the fiat's attempts to define crypto and lead the lemmings over the cliff, charging them as they do."]
    – Mike McLoan fidgets uncomfortably: ["aw crap, hey exposed my USD backed gambit…"]

    – Mike McGlone: death stare at Ryan…
    – Ryan Selkis: [stare on daddy-o, you'll be dust in 5 years time…]

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  26. One thing that I know for sure is about Electroneum going skyrocket past $1 at any given moment before, during and after February Mobil conference in Barcelona. 50X you profit at the very least.

  27. hmmmm..Might be time to invest in that coffee bean farm..everyone needs that coffee in the morning right?

  28. Fucking Dollar system…fuck…fuck…Bitcoin will be ONE MILLION DOLLAR…..

  29. This guys voice is annoying, he sounds like he has cotton balls in his mouth and he has the retard abrupt/ aggressiveness in his speech when he talks . I’m sure his breath stinks lol

  30. at the bottom rock. just wait for the momentum …

    These people or anyone else saying that Lightning is scaling solution to Bitcoin, is just plain propaganda

    Bitcoin is a SYSTEM, designed to work as decentralised creation of money with fixed supply, and true peer-to-peer digital cash system, none of its properties exist in this Lightning network system, which is a completely separate system, which has nothing to do with Bitcoin system. If you are new to Bitcoin you need to learn about this, if you don't, you'll be taken for a ride of your life in which you will wither lose money, or get sucked in into just another digital fiat system created by Bitcoin Core developers who work for Blockstream corporation, who are funded by BANKERS. So, you've been warned… it up to you what you want to do… I have videos explaining all these aspects, so if you want to learn about Bitcoin, you can start there.

  32. You are never going to get the truth about bitcoin from Bloomberg — They represent the banking establishment which is the enemy of bitcoin. If you want to know about bitcoin you have to look at the people in the space — this guy Ryan (I have never heard of in the space). Look at experts like Andreas Antonopoulus or a Max Keiser. Bloomberg doesn't even talk about how our entire economy is nothing but a debt fueled ponzi scheme that for the last 37 years has been funded by lower and lower interest rates. THEY are all liars.

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  37. Warning to all… DO NOT BUY BITCOIN!  Bitcoin is marked with satanic symbolisms and is the entrance to one world currency and the mark of the BEAST!  IT IS A TRAP SET UP BY ELITISTS TO BOTTLENECK YOU!   You cannot serve two God's, either you will love one and hate the other!  Bitcoin and your debit/credit is a diversion to test the stats of who is willing to line up for biometric chipping and CONTROLLING YOU!  Do your homework, the only free cheese is in the TRAP!!!  THE "B" stands for BEAST, you have been warned!!! God Bless ALL!!!

  38. We are close to the end of bear cycle…3yrs up 1 year down..bulls will start soon

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  41. The only one who has a clue is the guy with the pink shirt. The rest are hacks. And no 1500 is not the correct base. the correct base is a number that miners will make a profit. No miners no transaction validation. no transaction validation no blockchain. No blockchain,no bitcoin.

  42. Guys please do your own analysis . The biggest Percentage Drop in Bitcoin was 87% in the Mt. Gox Hacking Era. It went from $1150 down to like $150.

    If we do an 87% drop in Bitcoin from $20,000 it lands at $2,600

    And thats assuming we are justifying 87% drop. We have stronger fundamentals, there has been no hacking, we've had more debt and currency fuck ups around the world, 6% wallet growth per week (YES, per WEEK!), and we etch closer to SEC approval. I mean there's just way too many things holding Bidcoin up.

    I'm calling it now, you're all Faggots and we are not going below $2,500 sorry . I dont care about your Magical Resistance Line becoming Support, if you do Percentage Drops from the past you will come to my conclusion.

    Real Research doesn't involve magical horizontal lines on charts. Enjoy the FOMO when you get back in.

  43. Trade alt coins to buy and hodl bitcoin…bitcoin IS blockchain..its very infrastructure is embedded directly into blockchain thats why when bitcoin drops so do the alts..simple

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